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Exploring methods for modeling the relationship between wind speed and Orkney energy production

Tags: Orkney, Energy Systems, Wind Power, Modeling, Power Curve

Exploring unions as a frame for productive conflicts and governance of personal energy data collected through virtual power plants and aggregators.

Tags: Data Governance, Virtual Power Plants, Unions, Personal Data, Energy Data

Modeling wind speeds at a certain location using the nearest known observations, and using geospatial visualizations to extract insights.

Tags: Visualizations, Mapping, Wind

By stepping through our collected datasets, we can simulate the results of using different decision models in an Orkney Aggregator.

Tags: Orkney, Energy Systems, Aggregator, Simulation

Evaluating price as a deciding parameter in an Orkney aggregator. Our analysis indicates that optimizing for price will not help utilize the renewable energy generated on the islands.

Tags: Orkney, Energy Systems, Aggregator, Exploratory Analysis