Invitation: ML in Space

Posted by Sebastian Buettrich, Julian Priest on Wed, Aug 16, 2023

Invitation: ML in Space

The IT University of Copenhagen and the Pioneer Centre for AI invite you to an event exploring

Machine Learning in Space - educational and research activities in the context of the Danish Partnership for Space Education

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Friday, 29 Sept 2023, 9.30 - 12.30


Pioneer Centre for AI, located in the Observatory in the Botanical Garden (Øster Voldgade 3), near Nørreport Station in central Copenhagen. Find the AI Centre

Meeting format

Physical meeting, hybrid option will be added if requested.

How to register?

Please send an email to


9.30 Welcome and who we are

10.00 Sebastian Büttrich, ITU: Introcuction and background - ML in Space - why and how?

10.20 Robert Bayer, ITU: Reaching the Edge of the Edge: Image Analysis in Space

10.40 Open discusion: the way forward for education in Space ML in Denmark

12.00 Conclusions and next steps

Note: the Agenda is open for contributions! If you would like to give a presentation, pls let me know!

ML in Space

The recent Danish Student Cubesat Project, DISCOSAT, saw the successful launch of a CubeSat carrying an ML-enabled payload, with a target application of identifying and classifying cosmic radiation.

Subsequently, a theme of “Machine Learning in satellites and other small space objects (edge)” alongside “Machine Learning on big data (cloud)”, was included in the 2023-2025 strategy for space related education in Denmark, “Nationalt Partnerskab for Rumrelaterede Uddannelser 2023 - 2025” (danish only)

ML applications on spacecraft are gaining importance for operations and experiments both onboard highly autonomous units and in collective constellations.

Tiny satellites such as CubeSats in particular constitute one of the most rigidly and unnegotiably constrained environments for embedded ML.

We would like to explore research and education activities in this field, in particular, but not limited to, embedded ML in satellites, and identify actors and possible joint activities and synergies.

To this end, we invite universities, private sector, agencies and everyone interested in this topic for a first exchange.