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Data Systems Specialization Projects and Thesis

Data Systems Specialization

This specialisation (for MSc CS students) enables you to:

- Evaluate the performance characteristics of data science applications
- Design and implement software components in the context of production-grade open-source data-intensive systems
- Analyze state-of-the-art techniques for data management and processing on modern hardware

Career prospects

Data science enables forecasts, possibly in real-time, at ever lower cost and better accuracy for the benefit of our society. Today, data scientists are able to collect more data, access that data faster, and apply more complex data analysis than ever. These advances are mainly due to the exponential evolution of hardware combined with the emergence of machine learning frameworks, boosting the productivity of data scientists. It is the responsibility of data engineers, software engineers, IoT experts and data scientists to design solutions that perform at scale yet remain sustainable.


Students are expected to have introductory knowledges of systems programming, operating systems and database systems. Following the courses C & Operating System, Introductory Programming and Introduction to Databases satisfy these prerequisites.

In general, the specialisation requires a willingness to engage with the software and hardware infrastructure of data science.

Projects and Thesis

Looking for semester/thesis projects?
Have a look at our open project proposals.

We welcome student projects in the following fields:

  • Data-intensive systems on modern hardware (processors and storage)
  • General IoT, smart buildings, environmental sensing
  • Multimedia analytics
  • Resource-aware data science
  • Workload characterization

You can also find a guide on how to write a project proposal here.

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