DISCO ground station and mission control

Supervisors: Julian Priest
Semester: Fall 2022
Tags: Satellite, Image processing, Edge, Constrained Computing, Networks, Machine Learning, Embeded, Software Defined Radio

ITU is a partner in the Danish Student Cubesat Program, DISCO which will launch a series of small satellites into orbit, starting with DISCO 1 in 2023 and followed by DISCO2 in 2024.

As part of this project ITU is installing a satellite ground station with a range of antenna rotators on the roof of Rued Langaards Vej building and the equipment has been purchased. The ground station will track the DISCO satellites as they pass overhead and be able to send and receive data from our satellites. In this project we will install the hardware and establish the communications links. How do we operate this equipment and interact with it? In this project you will assemble the ground station and establish an online ‘Mission Control’ applicationto be able to schedule data transmissions.

We also have a mobile ground station system that will toured to high schools in Denmark and there is opportunity for paid tutors for those working on this topic.