Tagged with: Machine Learning


For this project, you would be working with a partner company who are looking to re-establish wood as a building material for sustainable architecture, and thus are using sensors for quality control - …
Supervisors: Sebastian Büttrich
Semester: Fall 2020
Tags: IoT, sensors, machine learning, acoustics


Clustering Perspective Forecasting Model
Students: Weisi Li
Supervisor: Philippe Bonnet
Level: MSc, Semester: Spring 2020
Tags: Machine Learning, Energinet, Electricity Forecasting


The goal of the project is to explore the accuracy of electricity production predictions based on historical data and weather predictions. This may be tackled as a sequence prediction problem using …
Supervisors: Philippe Bonnet, Sebastian Büttrich
Semester: Fall 2019
Tags: Wind Energy, Energinet, Forecasting, Machine Learning, Deep Learning