Danish Student Cubesat

Supervisors: Sebastian B├╝ttrich, Julian Priest
Semester: Fall 2021
Tags: Satellite, Cubesat, Image processing, Machine Learning, edge, constrained computing

The Danish Student Cubesat Program is an inter university collaboration that will launch 3 cubesats into Low Earth Orbit over the next 4 years. The satellites will be designed, operated, programmed and built by students and the project offers an opportunity for Master’s students to take part in a live satellite project. ITU is partnering with Aarhus University on DISCOSAT2 which will be an imaging instrument built to photograph and thermally image the Arctic ocean and Greenland in collaboration with the Aarhus Arctic Research Centre. ITU can propose projects in image processing, machine learning and data analysis in support of this project. In addition there is a dedicated compute platform on board that can support a number of software and simple sensor based projects. ITU will build a satellite groundstation on site, and additional topics in satellite to terrestrial communications, satellite tracking and operations.