Sensors at Sea - Maritime IoT

Supervisors: Sebastian B├╝ttrich
Semester: Fall 2022
Tags: Satellite, Image processing, Machine Learning, edge, constrained computing, IoT, sensors, location

Deliberately scoped very wide, this group contains a number of projects in different possible directions, from

  • Location services via LPWAN time-of-flight and GPS/GNSS,
  • Vessel tracking and management in fisheries, tourism and logistcs
  • Water quality anc chemistry sensing for Aquaculure, specifically Mariculture,
  • Wave and tidal dynamics, e.g. in energy harvesting

  • and variations/combinations of these - targeting locations as diverse as the ├śresund, the Orkney Islands and Zanzibar. In all theses places, we work with partner orgnaisations from academic and private sectors.

Diverse as they may be, all these projects have elements of

  • Physical computing, hardware
  • Extreme Constraints
  • Energy optimization
  • Networking, LPWAN
  • Data science / ML

so if any of this is interesting to you, come talk to us!