ThingSat - LoRa from space

Supervisors: Sebastian B├╝ttrich
Semester: Fall 2022
Tags: Satellite, IoT

LoRa is a relatively new long-range low-power standard allowing for battery powered pocketsize nodes to transmit over 100s to 1000s of kilometers. ThingSat is a CubeSat communication payload constituted of an electronic board of several LoRa transmitters and a patch antenna operating in (868MHz, 2.4GHz). It is a guest payload of a shared 3U CubeSat.

Available projects under this platform include

  • LoRa benchmarks from cubesats
  • Thingsat gateways in both 868MHz and 2.4GHz bands, with a very concrete project of assembling and testing a TinyGS 2G4 PCB with ESP32 Vroom and Grove sensors gateway in 2.4 MHz.

Most of these projects are hardware and networks oriented, however with data analytic and software development aspects.

In collaboration with the Grenoble University Space Centre,