Satellite LoRaWAN nodes for low bandwidth human communication

Supervisors: Sebastian B├╝ttrich
Semester: Fall 2021
Tags: IoT, LoRaWAN, LPWAN, satellite, networks, edge, security

Recent progress in LoRaWAN development has made a new generation of satellite communications offerings available to IoT devices. In these, the LoRaWAN gateway is satellite born, and collecting data from small inexpensive ground stations. So far, this is predominantly seen as a means of communciation for remote sensor data, e.g. in agriculture, logistics or wildlife monitoring. However, one can also imagine these communication channels to be valuable for human communications, in scenarios in which terrestrial infrastructure is not accessible, e.g. in crisis or conflict situations. A simple multi-network node could receive, process and filter human input received from e.g. mobile phones via bluetooth or Wi-Fi, and act as a a bandwidth efficient, secure communications terminal.