LSM-Tree on Open-Channel SSD

Experimental evaluation of an LSM-Tree (RocksDB) on an Open-Channel SSD
Students: Niclas Hedam
Supervisor: Philippe Bonnet
Level: BSc, Semester: Spring 2019
Tags: SSDs, Open-Channel SSD, Key-Value Store, LSM-Tree, FTL, RocksDB

This project explores the combination of two recent technologies. First, Open-Channel SSD is solid-state drives without embedded firmware Flash Translation Layer. They allow hosts to manage where I/Os are directed and when they are submitted. Second, Log-Structured Merge-Trees (LSM-Trees) are write-optimised data structures well suited for modern hosts equipped with a considerable amount of memory.

In this project, we will study how LSM-trees can be efficiently implemented on top of Open-Channel SSDs. Our project will rely on RocksDB, a key-value store based on LSM-Trees and Open-Channel SSDs from CNEX Labs.

The intended learning outcomes for this project are

  • to explain what a Log-Structured Merge-Tree is.
  • to explain what RocksDB is and how it stores data internally.
  • to design and implement an LSM-tree on an Open-Channel SSD.
  • to evaluate an implementation of an LSM-tree on an Open-Channel SSD.