Experimental evaluation of KV-SSD
Students: Jonas Schartau Groos
Supervisor: Philippe Bonnet
Level: BSc, Semester: Spring 2020
Tags: SSDs, KV-SSD, Key-Value Store

This project will be about the new KV-SSD device that’s currently being developed, focus will be on the architecture of KV-stores, the infrastructure, and on tests that will be developed. The new technology is needed because CPU’s soon wont be able to keep up with the rate of which data is read/written from storage or network. One of the solutions to this is to offload some of the storage processing from the CPU, and onto the storage devices. The goal of the project is to be able to show, through experimenting and testing how the new technology alleviate the problem of the CPU not being able to keep up. There are some set learning goals for the project listed here.

Learning goals for the project:

  1. Explain the experimental method in the context of computer systems
  2. Analyzing the architecture of a Key-Value Store
  3. Describe the interface of the KV-SSD and discuss its positions in the context of a Key-Value store infrastructure
  4. Design, implement and run micro-benchmarks for evaluating KV-SSD