Lab Technology, Hardware & Services

This is a list of technologies, hardware and services at the lab.

IoT networks

IoT image

We have hardware and networks for LoRa(WAN), Sigfox, zigbee, 802.15.4, WiFi, BLE and can add all networks of interest for IoT applications.

Here s an introduction to some of this, as presented at the Copenhagen Techfestival 2018:

IoT, TheThingsNetwork at Techfestival 2018

Sensors: Air, Water, Soil, …

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The lab has sensors for many different gases (NOx, COx, O3, vapors, alcohol, …), e.g. These are used in projects uch as our Bicycle Air Quality Monitor, Water sensors include temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, ammonia, nitrite, and others, Other sensors relevant for agricultural and environmental research include: soil humidity, temperature, light … and any other type of sensor you are very likely to find too. If we do not have it yet, we can add it.


arduino image

Arduinos of many different types and shapes: DueMilanove, Uno, Mega, Pro, Pro Mini, Lilypad, AT Tiny, Yun, Rocketscream, … 30+ Sparkfun Inventor Kits.

Raspberry Pi

pi image

The lab has several dozens of Raspberry Pi – various models, plus camera modules, network interfaces, BrickPi, etc

Embedded Micropython devices

uPython image

As an alternative to the Arduino environment, we have sets of pycom micropython devices for five different networks - WiFi, BLE, LTE, LoRa, Sigfox.


NFC image

RFID and NFC of many types, for Arduino, USB, cards, tags, etc

Android Phones, Pads,

android image

The Lab has a collection of Android phones of all types and generations.

Indoor location tracking and positioning

sonitor image

We have a number of technologies for Indoor location tracking and positioning, based on ultrasonics, radio, optical, etc - e.g. – high resolution indoor tracking of people and objects

Multitouch screens

mt image

We have multitouch screens, in various sizes, technologies and shapes – wall screens, tables, monitors, etc

Wireless sensor networks

wsn image

We have: Libelium Waspmote Sensor Kits with a variety of sensors and communication modules for Bluetooth, WiFi, Zigbee, GPRS, GPS. General Information, documents, API: Zolertia Z1 Arduino boards, shields, ADK boards, a variety of sensors A variety of gateway devices for TinyOS, Contiki, a.o. (FitPCs, Alix boards)


kinect image

The lab has kinects of various types and versions.

Eye tracking systems

eye image

Open source ITU gaze tracker more info: Open source Haytham gaze tracker More info:

Wireless tags

wireless tags image

Nicely integrating basic sensors, smart phones and web technology, wirelesstags promise to finally bring the Internet of Things to the normal everyday user, at low cost. More Info: “Wireless Sensor Tags allow monitoring from anywhere with Internet access open/closed status of every gate/door (everything from garage door to fridge door) in your home or … Continue reading Wireless tags →

3D printers

3dPrint image

We currently have an Ultimaker and a number of Prusa i3. The printers are generally available to research, courses and projects, but please contact us to coordinate, or in case you need an introduction. Pls notice our opening hours. Useful resources: Ultimaker wiki: specifically on 3D software, scanning, meshing: Software for CAD/STL:

Drones & copters

drones image

The lab has a collection of different flying objects:: * DJI FlameWheel * IRIS+ * Parrot AR.Drone Quadricopter – see it in action, controlled by eye gaze: : * ArduCopter 3DR Hexa C – * Crazyflie Nano Quadcopter 10-DOF (approx. May 2013)

Grove kits

grove image

Grove is a modular electronics platform for engineers designers and artists to turn their ideas into reality. It s equally great for teaching as for rapid prototyping in research. We have a couple of kits at the lab, and additional sensors / elements: 2 x Grove – 433MHz Simple RF link kit (WLS01052O) 1 x … Continue reading Grove kits →

Spectrum Analyzers

explorer image

The lab has a variety of Spectrum Analyzers for the RF spectrum, from 140 to 6000 MHz, e.g. RF Explorer,… and WiSpy

Smart Watches

smartwatches image

Android Watch Z1 Sony Smart Watch

Intel Galileo Boards

galileo image

The lab has 10 Intel Galileo Boards. has the following docs: Intel® Galileo Reference Design Intel® Galileo Shields List Intel® Galileo Product Brief Galileo_GettingStarted_329685_005.pdf Intel® Galileo IO Mapping Intel® Galileo Safety and Regulatory Information Intel® Galileo Release Notes Intel® Quark BSP Build Guide Intel® Galileo Datasheet Intel® Galileo Schematic Intel® Galileo Quick Start … Continue reading Intel Galileo Boards →

UDOO boards

udoo image

UDOO boards – embedded Linux/Android on an ARM processor board, combined with Arduino

Bluetooth LE, iBeacons, building infrastructure

bel image

ITU iBeacon InfoBluetooth LE & iBeacons & Eddystone in a variety of models and form factors, e.g. Roximity, Minew and Estimote iBeacons, dongles like plugable and BlueGiga BLED112, and self-built PiBeacons (based on Raspberry Pi). iBeacons are deployed throughout the building – this guide explains the beacon properties / locations:

ITU iBeacon Info

PITLab Aquarium

aquarium image

The PITLab Aquarium is a small in-lab water tank, currently equipped with the following sensors: – pH – DO (Dissolved Oxygen) – Conductivity – Reduction Potential – Temperature (all sensors by Atlas Scientific, ) The aquarium is used in various research and education activities.