Talk by Emily Law

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Wednesday October 9th 1pm ITU 2A18.

Emily Law, NASA JPL

Big data visualization and analysis of other worlds using NASA’s Solar System Treks

This lecture will introduce NASA’s Solar System Treks (SST – which is a data intensive scientific data system that contributes to mission planning, science, education and public engagement. SST portals enable engineers, researcher, students and general public to study surface of the Moon, Mars, Vesta, Ceres, Titan, IcyMoons and Mercury as well as a growing number of other worlds. The portals aim to provide interactive and innovation ways to support solar system exploration and planning of future space missions, advance scientific research and discovery, as well as inspire, inform and educate worldwide audience. The portals present a big data collection of mapped data products from past and current missions for a growing number of planetary bodies. The interactive and immersive capabilities of these tools are being used for site selection and analysis by NASA and a number of its international and commercial partners, supporting upcoming missions. They are also being used by formal and informal educators, students from elementary through university levels of study, and members of the public who are engaged in the excitement of solar system exploration. This presentation will provide an overview of the architecture of the SST system and highlight big data visualization and analysis capabilities readily available and being developed.


Emily Law has over twenty years of experience in research, development and management of complex information systems. Since 1996, she has been working at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory where she has provided leadership and management in the architecture, development, technology and operations of highly distributed ground data systems for planetary exploration and earth science. Emily currently serves as Deputy Program Manager and Development Manager to two separate directorates covering data systems in solar system research and earth science. She also leads operations for NASA’s Planetary Data System, and oversees the development and operations of science data infrastructures and portals in support of Earth and Planetary science including the Solar System Treks Project (SSTP). She has authored papers and made numerous presentations on data intensive systems at various national and international venues.