Sebastian Büttrich

Lab Manager

Sebastian Büttrich

Lab Manager
Image of Sebastian Büttrich

Sebastian Büttrich is the Dasya Lab Manager, responsible for

  • Managing the Dasya (Data Intensive Systems and Applications) Lab
  • Coordinating tasks between Researchers and the IT department
  • Enabling experimental digital technology – from acquisition to maintenance
  • System and application development
  • Documentation
  • Management of student programmers

Focus areas include:

  • IoT and Sensors
  • Physical computing
  • (Wireless) Networks
  • IT and Sustainable Energy
  • Open and Free Software

Aside from his work at the IT University, Sebastian is working with The Network Startup Resource Center, , as trainer and network developer.

Sebastian holds a Ph.D. in physics from the Technical University of Berlin in Germany, with a focus on optics, radio spectroscopy, photovoltaic systems and scientific programming. He loves and plays music, is fascinated and engaged with text, language and poetry in many forms.