Mobile Version of Exquisitor

Supervisor: Björn Þór Jónsson
Semester: Fall 2019

The goal of this project is build a prototype of the Exquisitor system for mobile devices.

The project is suitable for 1-3 well-qualified MSc students.

Image and media collections are becoming a central information resource for a growing number of domains. This calls for very effective tools for interactive exploration of the contents of those collections [1].Based on past research results [2], we have built a prototype of such an exploration tool, called Exquisitor. The goal of this project is to implement a version of Exquisitor that can run on mobile phones.The project is suitable for 1-3 well-qualified MSc students. The intention is to demonstrate the new prototype in an international research conference. And the presentation of the MSc projectshould be quite interactive! References * [1]Björn Þór Jónsson, Marcel Worring, Jan Zahálka, Stevan Rudinac, Laurent Amsaleg.​​Ten Research Questions for Scalable Multimedia Analytics​. Proceedings of the International Conference on Multimedia Modeling (MMM), Miami, FL, USA, January 2016. * [2]Jan Zahálka, Stevan Rudinac, Björn Þór Jónsson, Dennis C. Koelma, Marcel Worring. ​Blackthorn: Large-Scale Interactive Multimodal Learning​. IEEE Transactions on Multimedia (TMM), 20(3), March2018.