Decentralized Cloud Management

Supervisor: Philippe Bonnet
Semester: Fall 2019

In the context of the Orkney Cloud project, we are preparing the deployment of a decentralized cloud infrastructure on the archipelago. The infrastructure is composed of a collection of Pods (point of delivery) and a wireless core (5G + Wifi). Each Pod is equipped with storage, computing and communication components (so that it is connected to the core and to local endpoints). Each Pod is powered directly on a renewable source, via a power conditioner, and is thus equipped with batteries. It is necessary to assume that such Pods are intermittently powered and connected to the core. This thesis focuses on the design and implementation of prototype Pods in the lab, followed by a deployment in Orkney. We also consider Pods as gateways to sensor nodes. Thesis around this topic include projects on time-sensitive networking and projects on mobile gateways connecting to Pods.