A GUI for The Things Network LoRaWAN stack v3

Supervisors: Philippe Bonnet, Sebastian B├╝ttrich
Semester: Fall 2019

The Things Network Stack v3 for LoRaWAN is an open source LoRaWAN network stack suitable for large, global and geo-distributed public and private networks as well as smaller networks. The architecture follows the LoRaWAN Network Reference Model for standards compliancy and interoperability. - This stack, currently in pre-rollout testing, however has no Web GUI yet, and is administered solely via a CLI. This project aims at building a user-friendly, inclusive and innovative web GUI, with hooks to new informative features such as node and gateway statistics, location services and others. An example of such additonal features are the gateway stats made available by This project is largely a full stack web development project, ambitious in that it combines the need for understanding UI development with knowledge of basic Linux, docker, databases, CLI features and LoRaWAN architecture.