Reduce energy consumption with Apache Wayang

Supervisors: Zoi Kaoudi
Semester: Fall 2024
Tags: big data, database, cross-platform data processing, open source, Apache

Are you interested in working with a big data open source project and help the environment?

You are welcome to conduct your thesis/project in Apache Wayang. Apache Wayang is the first cross-platform framework that allows users to specify their task/query in a system-agnostic manner and Wayang will determine which is the best system(s) to execute this task with the goal of optimizing performance. For a general overview check this paper. Wayang currently optimises query execution time by selecting the right platforms. Its cost model though is modular and can be any kind of cost. This thesis will work on devising a cost model that will measure energy consumption and/or CO2 carbon footprint so that Wayang can choose the right execution method with the goal of reducing energy consumption.

Potential Intended Learning Outcomes:

  • Ability to contribute to large open source codebases
  • Ability to use new technology
  • Ability to understand and devise mathematical models (or ML models) for energy consumption caused by compute resources

Prerequisites: good programming skills in Java; (preferably) knowledge in big data systems (e.g., Apache Flink, Apache Spark).