Analysis of New Generation SSDs

Supervisors: Pınar Tözün, Philippe Bonnet
Semester: Fall 2020
Tags: SSD, benchmarking

SSDs are not a uniform class of devices. SSD landscape is quite diverse now with many new-gen much faster / customizable devices being available. Understand their performance characteristics is crucial while determining what their impact on data systems software stack should be. In this project, we would like to characterize the performance of a broad range of such SSDs (e.g., ZNS, Samsung Z-SSD, Samsung KV-SSD, Samsung Smart SSD, Intel Optane, etc.) In parallel, we would like to devise a benchmark suite that can help with robust comparisons across different SSDs. Based on your interests and availability of hardware resources, we can determine the specific subset of SSD devices and benchmarks in the context of your project or thesis.